Q: If I'm impatient and a jerk, will I get what I want faster?

A: No.

Q: Do you ship using priority shipping?

A: No. First class USPS only.

Q: Returns? Refunds?

A: No returns. Refunds possible for defective items if manufacturer is at fault.

Q: Do you offer digital distribution of books, zines, and music? Audio books?

A: No. Bandcamp codes where applicable for music.

Q: I wrote and/or printed a music zine. What are my distro and/or publishing options? 

A: We offer middle-man publishing + distribution packages for zines. Wholesale only, send your prices with your inquiry. 

Q: I wrote a book, novel, novella, or periodical will you publish it?

A: Yes. I'll have the final word on the item's aesthetic. Short runs for novels must be in excess of 275 pages (6"x 9").

Q: Our band wants to do a Cassette Tape or CD release with you, what genres and how soon? 

A: Metal (Death, thrash, doom, traditional and all extremes), 80's Hardcore punk, Noise rock. Timing depends on formats desire and the deal in general. Please bring a fully finished and mastered audio project to the table. Send demos to: grizzlybutts@hotmail.com

[NOTE: If you have already released your album/demo digitally (or another format) it will be ignored by me and the general public.]

Q: We're looking to do a short-run vinyl release. Will you be dealing with vinyl?  

A: No, the current manufacturing turnaround is nearly six months for vinyl. It will only be considered in special cases.

Q: Our label wants to do a co-release with you, what are your terms?

A: No interest.

Q: Will you do PR for our release? Layout design? Press kits? Ad copy? Social media marketing? 

A: We can include PR in the contract for a release/license. I insist on doing the layout design for each release myself. I will not prepare your press kits, your bio, ad copy, or any original art work or writing without being paid. Teach yourself to do these things or pay a professional.

Q: Do you do trades?

A: No.

Q: Will you accept items on consignment?

A: No.

Q: Who are you?

Just some guy. 

Q: Where are you based?

A: In between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Fuck off anyhow. 

Q: Why start a distro/label with a print publishing focus?

A: An exercise in impermanence.