JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS 'Infinite Universe Infinite Death' (2022) VINYL LP

JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS 'Infinite Universe Infinite Death' (2022) VINYL LP

Spirit Coffin Publishing Presents... [TOMB-14] The official vinyl LP edition of NY/FL based symphonic black/death metal band JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS' third full-length 'Infinite Universe Infinite Death'. On this third album from Brett Clarin (ex-SORROW, ex-APPARITION) we see deeper integration of the doomed and atmospheric death side of the project alongside his signature orchestral pulse, a beauteous and overwhelming work of infectious black/death metal on a cosmic scale. Compact Disc and Cassette Tape versions will also be available/released by Spirit Coffin Publishing.

35:04 minutes. Ltd. run of 250 pcs, 140g Translucent Cobalt Blue vinyl. Mock-up does not emulate exact color of vinyl. Single LP, jacket w/spine, and lyric insert. Manufactured in Canada. Includes Digital copy via Bandcamp.

Release Date: January 14th, 2022

SIDE A - 20:19
A01 - Leave This Place 04:43
A02 - Infinite Disillusion 03:59
A03 - Scattered Amongst the Stars 01:25
A04 - Cosmic Knot 04:43
A05 - Impossible Universe 05:31

SIDE B - 14:45
B01 - Infinite Universe Infinite Death 02:10
B02 - The Briefest Moment 05:36
B03 - Entanglement 04:50
B04 - Infinite Universe Infinite Death (Arranged) 02:09

Journey Into Darkness is:
Brett Clarin - All Instruments
Jei Doublerice - Session Vocals

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