NETHER 'Beyond the Celestial Sphere' (2021) CASSETTE

NETHER 'Beyond the Celestial Sphere' (2021) CASSETTE

Spirit Coffin Publishing Presents... [TOMB-01] An official cassette edition of Zagreb, Croatia based death/thrash metal band NETHER's debut 'Beyond the Celestial Sphere', an unforgettable independent thrash metal release which I have been a huge fan of since discovering them last year. Their knack for classic death-thrashing riffs and extended prog-thrash instrumental runs is inspired, a rare band meeting the high standards of the ancient ones yet still doing their own thing.

44:58 minutes. Ltd. first run of 150 Silver tapes. Double sided J-card, full color innards, layout by Spirit Coffin Publishing. Manufactured in Canada.

Release Date: June 11th, 2021.

Side A 22:08
A01 - Riptide 07:58
A02 - Anachronic 08:05
A03 - Event Horizon 06:02

Side B 20:50
B01 - Quasar 05:19
B02 - Metempsychosis (Instrumental) 06:27
B03 - Eldritch Chasm (Threnody) 09:03

Artwork by Saša Brnić - Arts of the Unspeakable
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Filip Sertić at Studio Depth
Lyrics and Songwriting by Lovro Božičević
Music by Nether