PARASITIC ENTITY 'The Self-Aggrandising Lie' (2021) COMPACT DISC

PARASITIC ENTITY 'The Self-Aggrandising Lie' (2021) COMPACT DISC

Spirit Coffin Publishing Presents... [TOMB-10] The official CD version of this Brighton, U.K. based technical death metal duo's debut full-length which was released digitally near the end of last year. 'The Self-Aggrandising Lie' is not only a fine example of tensile modern prog/tech-death finesse but also bears the soul of auld classics in its expressive songwriting thanks to influences that range from Martyr and Gorguts all the way up to The Faceless and Inferi. It is a brilliantly rough-edged and complex listen with high cathartic value. They're looking to expand their line-up and tour as soon as possible.

Release Date: July 16th, 2021.

43:15 minutes. Ltd. 250 copies. Clear jewel case, poly-wrapped, and properly replicated (not duplicated) compact disc with a full six page fold-out booklet w/lyrics. Layout by Spirit Coffin Publishing.

1. Diminished Potency
2. Schrodinger's Reality
3. Delusional Supremacy
4. Halls Built On Bones Of The Past
5. In Defiance Of A Narcissist King
6. The Cynic
7. Depravities Reflection

Parasitic Entity is:
Liam McKeown- Vocals
Joe Potts- Guitar, Bass, Programmed Drums and Mixing

Mastered by Wynter Prior
Artwork by Phaedrus Byskou
Logo by Icis Jan Alverdo